We Support
480 Military moms honored
3000 Students fed each week
1 million dollar grant created for educational resources
2 Salaries for Child Life specialists
9000 students provided bully prevention help
3 golf & character-education programs funded
10000 Holiday Meals Supplied
120 Families hosted for a day at The Players Annually

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We offer different levels of packages, allowing you to support our community by choosing one of our exclusive sponsorships. Opportunities include attending celebrity-filled events such as the Furyk & Friends Party and Concert, feeding a child for a year on the free and reduced lunch program, contributing goods for Operation Shower and more. Learn more about sponsorships here.


Marty Alpert
Jill & Charlie Arnold
Jim Ashton
Michael & Hillary Aubin
Becoming Institute
Tom & Martha Baker
Frank & Daryl Barker
Todd Braff
Joe & Lisa Bucher
David & Pat Brown
Arthur & Deb Browning
Harvel & Von Crumley
Tim & Leah Chapman
Tom & Jean Dodson

Matt & Karen Fairbairn
Joe Fant
Michael & Eileen Grebe
Howard Harris
Charlie & Stacey Hogan
Wes & Beth Jennison
Kenneth & Laure Kaufman
Karl G. Estes Foundation
Gasper & Irene Lazzara
Tony Loughman
Doug & Helen Marrone
David & Myrna Miller
MG & Donna Orender

Duana & Sue Ottenstoer
Jim Owen
Ian & Monica Pajcic
Quang “Q” Pham
Ed & Francis Rowland
Rob & Debby Schiller
Dan & Tresha St. John
Russel & Claudia Thomas
Ted & Loretta Thranhardt
Sam & Julia Van Vorhis
Dan & Kim Vohs
Dan White
Dave Williams
Ian Wilt